Disable Friendly College

Basic rights and Education Law for the Disabled
• The right to education is available to all citizens including the disabled. Article 29(2) of the Constitution provides that no citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the State or receiving aid out of State funds on the ground of religion, race, caste, language, or any of them.
• Article 45 of the Constitution of India directs the State to provide free and compulsory education for all children (including the disabled) until they attain the age of 14 years.
The Sikkim Government Law College has been working on the compound to make it disabled friendly and has complied with the Constitutional provisions with regard to the disabled candidate studying in the College
1. Physical facilities
The College facilitates disabled students to bring their vehicles directly to the College Building parking.
2. Provision for lift
Lifts are provided for disabled students in the library, the main building which is under construction.
3. Rails
Rails are built from the first floor to access the Library which is on the second floor of the college building.
4. Rest Rooms
There is one Wheel Chair Accessible Toilet on the first floor of the college.